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Check Out the Fantasy Artwork of Local Artist, Barbara Swanson Sherman

Fantasy artwork is one of the most popular genres in art, and there are a few key reasons why. For starters, fantasy artwork opens up an entirely new world of possibilities and creativity that can’t be found anywhere else. In fantasy art, anything can happen and each piece tells its own unique story. Additionally, fantasy artwork often evokes strong emotional responses by transporting viewers into dreamlike realms filled with beauty and mystery. Finally, fantasy artwork has the potential to inspire people with its stunning visual imagery and captivating storylines. No matter what type of fantasy artwork you enjoy, these elements combine to make it an incredibly rewarding experience for any viewer who appreciates fantasy and fantasy art. 


In short, fantasy artwork has a timeless appeal that continues to draw in countless fans from all around the world. With its vibrant colors, intricate details, and limitless imagination, fantasy artwork is sure to bring joy to anyone who takes the time to explore it. It’s no wonder why people love fantasy artwork – it brings beauty, adventure, and enchantment into our lives!


If you're looking for fantasy artwork that will take your breath away, look no further than the incredible fantasy art of Barbara Swanson Sherman. As a New York local artist, her breathtaking paintings are inspired by fantasy and mythology and feature vibrant colors, intricate detail, and captivating scenes. With each piece, she creates a world of fantasy that is both inviting and captivating. Whether you are looking for something to hang in your home or office or just appreciate beautiful fantasy artwork, Barbara Swanson Sherman has something for everyone. Check out the work of this New York local artist today at

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