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Blue Works in Progress

When I call my work on the Houses of Blue a work in progress I have to say progress is a relative term. I'm proceeding very carefully, afraid to make a wrong move that would be irrevocable as I work in ink. I often can find a way to work around a false move or mistake, and sometimes they lead to a revelation but I prefer to have no mistakes. I keep thinking of Casey Stengel speaking of the newborn Mets; "We're coming along slow but fast."

So here's the latest.

When it's all finished I'll get a better shot.

One reason things are going slowly is that, as I said in my post of July 7, I'm back at my Alma Mater, my artistic home, where it all began for me--the Art Students League.

I showed you two new plates ...

and now I've printed them so....Ta Daaa!

these are not finished works but raw material for future collages. Now they'll sit in the flat file while I court the Muse! I'll keep in mind what someone once said; "the Muse doesn't come every day but woe unto you if she comes and you're not there."

Then I took a little break from all that blue and visited

Matisse's Red Studio at the Museum of Modern Art

“This red, which is a little warmer than red ocher, is a precise color of the palette.”

I met my friend, Nancy there; we've been pals since High School. We took a selfie but we're both much prettier than the picture showed so you'll have to imagine us. We took a walk in the garden and met

Aristide Maillol's The River. And I said, "Oh, hello, I know your sister! We met in Paris! I drew her picture!"

It's a small world.

August 04, 2022

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