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I'm thinking About YELLOW

Yellow is the color of Intellect, creativity, happiness and the power of persuasion. Okay, cowardice too, but why be a downer. Maybe call it caution. The yellow traffic light says, "slow down, look around, be prepared." Not a bad message.

Once I was gazing out the window from my studio on Broadway and I noticed an imbalance in what I was seeing. What was it? There was no Yellow! Then I remembered that there was a Taxi strike that day and the pallet of my view really showed it!

I've got yellow at home, in our fireplace.

Yellow fireplace with toy house and barn, picture of a pelican, carved birds on mantel

We built this fireplace in January 1982 while we waited for Sam to be born. Jessie and I were working on her potty skills, so we sat on the sofa and watched workmen deliver cement blocks in wheelbarrows. When putting on the cement finish the foreman wanted to decorate it with elaborate scrolls but I wanted him to keep it simple, so I watched what they did. I pointed at my belly and told them my due date, saying I hoped they'd be finished by then. They wrote the finish date in the cement-January 20, 1982. Sam's birthday is January 16, which means that they finished when we got home from the hospital.

I've always been happy with the way it turned out, although the flue is totally insufficient and the upstairs neighbors complain about the smoke so it's all for show. Oh, well. It was white for years and then I got a yearning for a taste of Tuscany and so now--Yellow and Gold.

this week Eileen Hoffman, my partner in "Inspiration and Lightning" our Saint Barbara/Rapunzel project, is showing her work in a show titled

Clay and Textiles

WAH Center

Sept. 10 - Oct. 8, 2022

135 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Eileen will be there this Saturday from 2-4. You can let her know you're coming at

Here's her work. This is from the Rapunzel Series.

Eileen Hoffman's woven art piece in a window

Here's Eileen with "When we were Princesses"

Eileen Hoffman with her installation, "When we were Prinesses"

I know, I know, Eileen's work is predominantly pink, not yellow, but look where the show is!

The Williamsburg Arts and Historical Center is housed in this gorgeous building which I MUST draw!

Williamsburg Arts and Historical Center, French Empire building

I'll put it in my House series, following House of Red, House of Green and House of Blue. Okay, this is not pure yellow, more gold and ochre but look at the little umbrella. I'm going to have fun with this.

Here's a fun and important project we're embarking upon at my church; we're collecting plastic, mostly bottle caps, which look delicious to many types of birds. Have you ever seen a picture of a dead bird, his belly full of plastic crap? So please don't throw away your old toothpaste caps, chapstick caps, all those brightly colored round little things that live forever in the oceans. If you're in the neighborhood you can drop off your collection any time at 12 West 12th Street. At the same time we can be demanding that our government pass extended responsibility laws. When spring comes we'll have a debut of a gorgeous mosaic. I bet you can't wait.

September 15, 2022

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