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Merry Christmas to you who celebrate, and to Everyone my wishes for a Joyful, Hopeful New Year

Wreath with holly and red ribbon

Good Morning! I'll make this short because I know you want to open your presents, get the turkey into the oven, start the family Zoom call--it's a big day.

Toy village under a Christmas tree

Here's one of my favorite Christmas stories. My brother Alan tells about one very special Sunday School Christmas pageant. The little boy who played the innkeeper had rehearsed plenty of times and he knew his lines but at his cue, when the weary Mary and Joseph came to his door and pleaded for shelter, instead of turning them away he opened the door and said,

"Come on in!"

Everything came to a halt and they had to start over, and again he flubbed his line; he followed his heart and welcomed the strangers. Again, everything stopped.

On the third try, the play proceeded as written. The director, who was also the mother of the little innkeeper, was mortified but I hope she was able to keep in her heart a bit of pride that she had raised a warm-hearted and generous boy.

I think he actually got it right.

Wreath with acorns and oak leaves

December 24, 2020

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