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Up the Stairs

A few weeks ago I wrote about this staircase I saw in Greece,

A staircase in Greece

And how it just stayed with me until I drew it.

Pen & Ink of a staircase in Greece

Now that I look at this drawing after about ten years I think it could use some work.

I'm not the only one who loves staircases; my friend, Anne Finkelstein,

has done some gorgeous stairs. She told me,

"I grew up in an apartment and so the first time I ever saw a staircase it seemed magical--

something that could take you to a whole different place."

staircase by Anne Finklestein

This is "The Golden Railing"

Fantasy staircase

"Stairway to Heaven"

I see Anne's work every day, because these depictions of the old McBurney YMCA now hang in the stairway at the New McBurney Y on 14th Street between Seventh and Sixth Avenues.

Anne Finklestein staircases

Anne has found something sublime in the everyday.

September 09, 2021

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