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Rest In Peace and Sweetness

Lucy Russell Sherman

February 6, 2008-February 23, 2023

Watercolor of a dachshund

Today we said good-bye to our beloved Lucy after fifteen years of happiness. I know this is not the same as losing a human being; it's hard in a different way. We knew we had to take her for that final visit but both our vets came down with Covid this week and their office closed. Trying to make this plan, watching Lucy struggle, convincing myself and Arthur that it's time, has made me more than a little nuts, as my friends working on the 7 Days show with me can testify. I thank them for their patience.

I'm almost finished with Queen Elizabeth the First

but the queen I've been channeling is Victoria, who said,

"Nothing will turn a man's home into a castle more quickly and efficiently than a dachshund."

Well, she got that right.

I wrote a blog about Lucy a few years ago-you can read it here.

Jessie and Molly came over yesterday for a cuddle and a good-bye hug with Lucy

a girl and a dachshund on a pink sofa

and then we headed to MOMA for a long planned visit. Recently Molly said to Jessie, "Did you know that The Starry Night is actually right here in New York City?" It was the same tone Jessie had used years ago upon first tasting ice cream; "Why have you been keeping this from me?" Yesterday was a good day to look at something beautiful.

People viewing The Starry Night, Van Gogh

Van Gogh, The Starry night

What better companion for contemplating the eternal than The Starry Night?

"She's a beauty; you've got a great dog!" That was the report from Dr. Ficarra, our vet, on Lucy's first puppy check-up. I'm now spending my first afternoon without Lucy, forgetting that I don't have to worry about backing up my office chair and running over her tail, forgetting that there's no one to lick my yogurt cup clean. Here she is with her friend, Miller, the Bernese Mountain Dog.

Here she is in her prime.

Beautiful Dachshund

February 23, 2023

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