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Now Come the Tulips

Updated: May 6

A few weeks ago I wrote about dancing daffodils and now it's time for tulips.

They're dancing through the neighborhood and tomorrow in Abingdon Square Park we'll celebrate them with a concert by Bachtopus--four accordians playing the classics. I can't wait. If you're in the area at noon, come on by.

For me May is lilacs and peonies. I found a lilac bush in the park right across from our building. That's not our building in the background.

For peonies I have to go shopping. Peonies bring up the memory of a crime I committed long ago. You know how peonies are tight round little balls before they burst into bloom? I was fascinated with them--and pulled every single one off my mother's new peony bush. I feel lucky to be alive. My punishment was that I was forbidden to pick flowers for the rest of the summer. You know what? To this day, I never pick flowers. I don't even like dead-heading my geraniums.

Look who I met in the park -- Mr. and Mrs. Mallard!

He was really strutting around but she kept out of the frame; I couldln't get them to pose together. Maybe they were looking for a place to build their nest and raise a family, just like in Make Way for Ducklings by Robert McCloskey. If you haven't read it get yourself to the library or bookstore and give yourself a treat.

I read that in order to study the ducklings in all their moods, McCloskey kept a family of them in his studio. I can't do that with Rhinos and Elephants.

drawing of a giraffe

Or Giraffes either.

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May 05

Just for you, Nancy

Replying to

Wow, it looks like he's posing for you. And I like the elephants in the distance. thanks!


May 04

I love that book and have read it many times to my students. My mother always had beautiful gardens too. With those tulips you don't have to go to Holland. They are also blooming behind the Iwo jima monument in Arlington.


May 03

Oh how I wish I could hop over to Abingdon Square Park tomorrow. Enjoy it for me.



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