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the Village is Blooming

Every morning Russell and I see something new to celebrate. Like the first daylilies, one of my favorites--I know, I know, I say that about all the flowers.

We get out early enough to watch the Whitney's staff get ready for the day.

It reminds me of this August 1955 New Yorker cover by Arthur Getz.

A poster of this image hung on the wall at the Gotham Writers' Workshop when I took classes there. I would sit and gaze at it. I was not distracted from the work at hand, I just enjoyed the quiet early morning moment.

Russell feels he does not have to be told this.

Later I walked by the Aids Memorial and saw this.

On the back of each photograph is the person's name and this sentence, "AIDS did not diminish their contribution for generations to come."

I thought, these are Precious Friends. Where did that phrase come from? A song by Holly Near, sung by Pete Seeger and Arlo Guthrie, with the lyric, "Just when I thought all was lost, you changed my mind..." And the last line, "And, when we sing another victory song, Precious Friend, you will be there."

Where else have I hear those words? Shakespeare?

Let me say Thank You now to the teacher who made me memorize those lines. Did I have any idea sixty or so years ago what it would mean to me to have them in my memory bank?

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