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Snoozing in the Sun

Monday morning Russell pulled the mattress out of his crate, dragged it across the living room to a spot in the sun and settled in for a nice snooze. He loves his comfort and he's willing to work for it. I respect that.

dachshund in the sun

I'm grateful to him for getting me out every morning.

Here's what I've seen this week; Hydrangea.. I've heard that you can make them even bluer if you put pennies in the soil. This would be perfect with a few orange daylilies.

Remember when I showed you Mr. and Mrs. Mallard? She's back with two ducklings!

mother Mallard with 2 ducklings

@7SoulsDeep has been leaving poems all over the neighborhood. I love this one;

It's You,

I know this because when you saw my rain

You did not try to show me the sun,

instead you started to love me

drop by drop.


Then I found this on the message board at the Y.

"Like a welcome summer rain,

humor may suddenly cleanse and cool

the earth, the air, and you."

Langston Hughes

It's like a conversation!

Okay, so what have I been doing besides roaming the West Village?

I'm just finishing something in PINK.

Maybe I've been influenced by my friend, Eileen Hoffman, who works exclusively in PINK.

Here she is planning a show at Westbeth Gallery; (yes, theres a man washing the window out side)

with curator Connie Lee. You can expect more information but save the date August 28 through mid September.

two artists thinking

Now back to me. I've picked up something I started and put away because I thought it was going nowhere but I gave up too soon. I started with a blue that was way too sweet and baby-ish, then I gave it another look, added a little acid green and that's perked it up. It's another underwater scene.

beginning of a drawing on a table with ink bottles

And finally, have I ever shown you these two?

Pen & Ink Library Lion

Pen & Ink Library Lion

The Library Lions, Patience and Fortitude, or Leo and Leon. I did them in 1990 and it was the first time I used dots to make a line or a form. I realized how forgiving the dot is, as opposed to a line. Now I use the dot all the time, to fill in a space. People have asked if I have some kind of tool that makes a lot of them at once and I say, No, I just toil away, making those little dots. It's a wonderful meditative, contemplative activity. Seeing the dots accumulate and become something is deeply rewarding.

I hope you have something in your life like this.

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Jun 14

"The Forgiving Dot" perhaps a title for a poem or a short story.


Jun 14

P.S. His wife Kathy creates art quilts, many with fabrics developed based on Ira's art work:


Jun 14

I actually quite a lot of colorful, dot dot dot artwork in my home, courtesy of the father of my children, Ira Kennedy. An amazing artist. Check out his work here: He's a popular Texas artist. Google him and you'll find a lot. I love his work.


Jun 14

Hi Barbara

Lovely blog! Thank you Yesterday there was lots of talk about Hydrangeas and their colors. My husbands grows them from their stalks . Take the flowers off and put the stalks in the soil - give it lots of water and there they go.


Pearl Golden.


Jun 14

Seeing the hydrangeas reminds of my backyard in Arlington, VA.. Love the freshness of the poems and rain but I do feel sorry for all that rain in Miami. Russell is so smart. I'm reminded me of our dog's bed which we've kept for a future dog if we find the right one to help Jeff with his blindness and Parkinson's. I am a proud member of the D.A.R. Tomorrow will be our (Redrock) chapter's dedication of the America 250 monument. Always happy to see your blogs, Kitty How do I become a member?

Replying to

When you say become a member do you mean you'd like to get my blog every week? If that's it, just go to Barbara Swanson Sherman, click on the blog button and sign up. Thanks for asking,Barbara

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