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I have a lot to talk about

I saw my first crocuses yesterday!

bed of spring crocuses

This is a week for anniversaries. It's been three years since the world went into lockdown because of the Corona virus, and three years since I posted my Pink Balloons story, a tribute to my grandmother who's birthday is March 13. Here's a link; Pink Balloons. I don't know why my computer resisted making that link pink, which would have been more appropriate but I'm not going to fight. I"m afraid to mess around with it.

But my big news and what's been taking my time all week is this exhibit

Art at First at the First Presbyterian Church in the City of New York is pleased to present 7 Days: Artists View the Creation In the Great Hall Gallery, 12 West 12th Street at Fifth Avenue March 1 thru April 23 Opening Reception Sunday, March 12, Noon until 4 Or by appointment Featuring work by Fran Beallor, Lois Bender, Colleen Deery, Karen Fitzgerald, Irene Patricia Gilmore, Bárbara HerMor, Lori Horowitz, Donna Levinstone, Malcolm Ritter, Rob Swanson, Ryan Bauer-Walsh, Elizabeth White-Pultz, Alice Zinnes Curated by Barbara Swanson Sherman As we acknowledge the threats to our Earth’s very existence and seek ways to repair the damage we’ve done we look at one story of its beginnings as told in the book of Genesis.

Yes, I showed you all this last week, but it's all I've been working on and so I want to be sure you see it.

Here are some highlights;

Malcolm Ritter's Stump in the Sky. He said, "Stump in the Sky is pure serendipity, just

moss-covered wood in the Charles River that looks like an island emerging from the clouds."

Lois Bender's Fiddlehead Ferns for the third day when the waters receded and the land appeared and produced vegetation.

I'm not going to show you the whole thing because I want you to see it in person, but if you can't come don't despair--we're planning a Zoom event and several other happenings, so keep tuned. Some of you collected Bottlecaps and you can see the results as well. That went so well, and we have so many left over that we may continue the project so if you'd like to help make art and at the same time do your part to save the Earth, you can join us--I'll keep you informed as to the date. My brother Rob took this picture of me--actually it's a collaboration. It's so odd I love it.

Woman in the moon,

March 9, 2023

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