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First Week of Self Quarantine

The flowering pear trees are in bloom all over the Village.

Flowering Pear trees in Greenwich Village

Flowering Pear trees in Greenwich Village, W 13th Street,

The daffodils are popping up. Spring is coming, no matter what.

Daffodils in Greenwich Village

Arthur and I are staying home but also taking long walks.

Flowering Magnolia in Greenwich Village

A man walked by as I shot this tree and said, "Lovely magnolia--it means hope." I'm trying to use this quiet time to work but it's hard to settle down and concentrate. I began one piece but I've already discarded it to started over--the composition was too one-sided.

So I started looking through old photographs and I've decided to share some happy memories. My grandfather Swanson, PopPop, worked hard and expected everyone else to do the same, but he also knew how to have fun. He thought up some wonderful toys, like the Putt-Putt, a little car with a vacuum cleaner motor that we could actually drive.

Here it is in an early stage, with my Dad and Aunt Jan. Nice hat, huh?

Young Man, Young girl in a go-kart

PopPop's company had a fleet of delivery trucks and a body shop so the Putt-Putt soon got a snazzier look. Here's our whole family at the time; it wasn't quite a station wagon.

Young Family in a toy car

This is PopPop and an uncle, doing road repair.

Little girl in a toy car, two men working on the motor

And here we all are; me, Uncle Dave, Cousins Kathy, Danny, and John,

Brother Robby, Uncle Dan, and PopPop.

Family gathering around the PuttPutt, a toy car

And here it is, on the move. That's Henry the dachshund chasing the wheels.

Pushing the PuttPutt

Then the next generation took over.

A toddler and a baby in the toy car, the putt putt

It was the main entertainment at Jessie's sixth birthday party.

The gas pedal sometimes got stuck and that made it especially exciting.

Everyone gathered around the putt putt

Next time I may tell you about PopPop's other magnum opus, the Float.

In the meantime, we'll keep walking. Look who we ran into in Hudson River Park, on a rest break from their long trip north.

two Canada Geese

As we maintain a physical separation I'm feeling grateful for the telephone and the internet. Do keep in touch and keep washing your hands.

March 19, 2020

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