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Good Morning! A little late

I've had to face a sad loss this week. You know that little envelope The New Yorker tucks into each issue so you can renew your subscription? For years it's carried the image of Eustace Tilly, New Yorker's cover boy taking a walk with his nose in a book. I always cut him out and paste him into my date book like this;

pages from an appointment book, New Yorker, Eustace Tilley

pages from an appointment book, New Yorker, Eustace Tilley

pages from an appointment book New Yorker, Eustace Tilley

Pages in an appointment book, New Yorker, Eustace Tilley

Suddenly they've changed it to something not nearly as engaging. I loved that little man and now he is no more. It's the end of an era. Once again, I'm deeply saddened but I must move on.

On to more collages. I'm happy to say that Vogue, Ralph Lauren and the World Wildlife Fund gift catalogue have come through for me.

Look at my second-grader's Mona Lisa here. She likes what she sees.

Collage of Mona Lisa and a leopard in a tuxedo

I'm happy to announce that my drawing, The Red House, is in an online show titled Seeing Music,

curated by Yvonne Lamar-Rogers and Cheryl Aden, sponsored by the curatorial committee of

the New York Artists Circle.

Here's my drawing. I wanted someone to live in the Red House but I had no ideas so I reached out to my friends. My cousin Dan said, "Red House? You've got to add Jimi Hendrix because of Red House, with the lyric, 'Yonder's the red house--that's where my baby lives.'" You can hear it by clicking this; video.

When I think of Jimi Hendrix it's all about the way he played The Stars Spangled Banner at Woodstock.

In a New Yorker piece titled "Rewinding Jimi Hendrix's Star Spangled Banner," Paul Grimstad called it "both a protest of the violence of a wholly unnecessary war and an affirmation of aspects of the American experiment worth fighting for."

Jimi was a paratrooper in the 101st Airborne, from which he was honorably discharged. When he was asked about his "Unorthodox" take on the anthem he said, "All I did was play it. I'm American so I

played's not unorthodox. I thought it was beautiful."

Here's the whole article; Rewinding.

The show, Seeing Music will go live on line Monday November 28. I'll be sending you more information.

Meanwhile, I've gotten back to work on The Yellow House--here's a progress report.

Pen & Ink of a yellow house

How can Thanksgiving be here already? Have a wonderful day!

pen & ink of The museum of Natural History, NYC, Thanksgiving Day

November 18, 2022

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