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 I saw a terrific show this week, with work by my friend, Gwyneth Leech, one of the most generous and inspiring artists I know.  She was working in her midtown studio, enjoying the light and the long sky view from her window when she looked down and saw a construction site where there had been a low rise building.  She knew that meant the end of her beautiful view.  What did she do?  She started painting what she saw--the construction site, and painted the building as it rose.  That was quite a few years ago and she's still painting the buildings that spring up all over town. She sets her easel on the street and so has attracted the attention of a whole new audience for art-contractors and construction workers.

You can see her work at GwynethLeech.  Better yet, go see this show!

 City Light, 

a three-person exhibition of urban landscape paintings 

by Gwyneth Leech, Valeri Larko and Pamela Tales, curated by Jennifer Roberts. 

at the Galleries of the Interchurch Center

61 Claremont Avenue, Manhattan. 

It will be there until November 2

This is not the first time Gwyneth's art has taken a sharp turn with amazing results; about ten years ago she noticed that the cup her morning coffee came in was made of clean white cardboard and, like any artist who sees a white space as an invitation, she got to work.  Every day she decorated her empty cup and saved it, eventually making an installation.

She's making art and saving the earth--raising awareness and spreading the joy of up-cycling. 

Read about that in Boston Magazine Gwyneth Leech Draws on Coffee Cups, but here's a quote;

“I’m interested in where ideas come from,” says Leech. “That’s something that really engages me as an artist—thinking about that moment when a new gesture, a new idea, a new form starts to take place. For me, it’s been on a coffee cup for a few years.”

That was then, now it's buildings and construction. I can't wait to see what strikes Gwyneth next.

It's nice when you can admire the work and the artist.  I've been working on a copy of this; Audubon's Reddish Egret, admiring his skill while regretting that I know he enslaved people.  

Why am I copying, instead of making my own image?  Well, there aren't a lot of egrets in the West Village.  Also, I'm feeling a little burned by my last fantasy; it just didn't work, so I'm playing it safe for a moment.

I'm using much more water-y watercolor than I usually do--it's fun but it makes me nervous. Almost done here, I just need more foliage and a blue sky. Yes, this is a copy but I'm not trying to fool anybody--I don't think I'll be accused of forgery, do you?

October 12, 2023

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