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Taurus Birthdays

Happy Birthday to all born under the sign of Taurus.

That includes my Mom and Dad, Uncle Jack and Aunt Mary Gae, and all of Louise Russell Swanson's granddaughters.

And Happy May, everybody, although we have to wait til Monday. It wasn't a horrible winter, weather wise, but it's alway nice to welcome the lilacs.

This morning I attended the Auburn Seminary Lives of Commitment Benefit Awards and Breakfast at Cipriani 42nd Street, which used to be the Bowery Savings Bank, built in 1921 and boy, did they know how to make a bank look good in those days. We listened to some amazing and inspiring women and then, walking to the F train I discovered...

The passageway from the Public Library at Fifth Avenue to Sixth used to be a terrible place to walk but it's been transformed into an underground...I can't think of the right word. This is Under Bryant Park, by Samm Kunce.

Roots, pipes and dirt. There are also quotes from James Joyce, Mother Goose, Carl Jung and Ovid.

And at the end...

"Nature must not win the game but she cannot lose." Carl Jung

What? I looked up the full quote.

Nature must not win the game but she cannot lose. And whenever the conscious mind clings to hard and fast concepts and gets caught in its own rules and regulations as is unavoidable and of the essence of civilized consciousness-nature pops up with her inescapable demands. I'll be chewing on this for quite a while. Why was I rushing to the F train? I went to Brooklyn to meet Jessie and we drove to Jersey City to meet


Fineas Achilles Baler

I understand the name is traditionally spelled Phineas but we like the monogram.

When we saw the meeting between Russell and Molly and Theo it was clear that the Baler family needed a dog. So now Jessie can't walk down the street either for all those who have to stop and admire Finn.

The 7 Days show is over; I thank everyone who came to see it, those who Zoomed in to our slide show, the artists who participated for their beautiful work and for their thoughtful statements. I'm grateful that it's finished but I'm also thinking about the next show. You never know what's coming.

April 27, 2023

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