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A Few Things About the Fall

Well, there is no joy in Mudville. Not Casey but the Mighty Aaron has struck out. I don't care who it happens to, I hate to see a sweep. It just feels mean. As my friend, Jon Walton said in a similar situation, "We are deeply saddened but we must move on."

Pen & Ink of Jorge Posada in a Persian Garden

Before we leave Baseball, I want to tell you something I read about the great catcher, Johnny Bench, reminiscing about the many famous hitters he met at the plate in his long career. The most memorable was when Hank Aaron, in the midst of his chase to surpass Babe Ruth's home run record, came up to bat. He turned to the brand new rookie and said quietly, "How you doin', John?" Fifty years later, Johnny is still moved by that moment.

Here's something that's brightening my days-- the Honey Locust.

Honey locust trees in autumn with golden leaves

Pretty special, wouldn't you say? Lately I see them all over the city.

Honey locust trees in autumn with golden leavesHoney locust trees in autumn with golden leaves

I especially love the graceful leaves--they're called composite leaves. They're so small they don't clog the drains and gutters so they don't have to be swept up.

Honey locust leaves

I meant to tell you last week that when we went to Chicago Lucy went visiting as well--all the way to Brooklyn to stay with Jessie, Lee, Molly and Teddy.

A girl, a boy and a dachshund

She even bonded with Bookeboom!

I gave Jessie detailed instructions about Lucy's feeding and walking schedule and also her medications. I said,

"It's very important that she take her pills but she doesn't like them and spits them out so you have to check the dish and if the pill is still there, dip it in some peanut butter and let her lick it off your finger." Jessie was appalled but Molly and Teddy thought that was great fun and argued over taking turns. They shared the fun with their friend, Hazel, who was also delighted--she declared that she loves Lucy "more than any other creature on the earth." I guess that makes Lucy a charismatic megafauna!

Now that the scaffolding which kept us off our terrace for the whole summer has come down I'm getting ready to make up for lost time. I've just planted one hundred daffodil bulbs and tucked them in for the winter.

planting daffodil bulbs

planting daffodil bulbs

When spring comes they'll made a riot of golden yellow. Kind of like the Honey Locust in Autumn.

October 28, 2022

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