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A message from Kaylie Hanson Long

Dear Friends,

I am forwarding this letter from Kaylie Hanson Long. Kaylie's husband Jeff, the son of our dear friends, Nancy and David, died in an accident in July of 2018. Kaylie has created a special way of remembering Jeff and I want to share it with you.

Hi friends and family,

Hope everyone's having a great day after a long weekend. As you may know or remember, Jeff's birthday is February 25th - one week from today. Some of you know that I've received a lot of reiki following Jeff's accident (a form of Japanese energy healing based on the idea that an unseen "life force energy" flows through us). I believe energy also flows out of us -- putting good energy into the world can have such a great impact on so many people, places and things.

Last year, a few of us put our good energy into the world in Jeff's honor through random acts of kindness executed on February 25th. Examples of what folks did are below... really sweet, powerful stuff that truly captured the positive impact Jeff had on the world. This year, I'm expanding the list to all of you in hopes you'll mark Tuesday (2/25) as a day to do an act of kindness in your own world. If you have a moment and feel moved, please send me a quick note back with what you did and I may circulate anonymously in the week following, with the goal of building even more positive energy off of those acts... but I also just want to know! :)

Feel free to forward this note to others who may want to participate, and feel free to give my email address to whomever.

Lots and lots of love! xoxo,

Kaylie (and Layla, of course... she might be giving her bone to a dog in need :) )

  • Many cups of coffee purchased for the guy/gal behind them in the coffee house line

  • A conversation with a colleague about Jeff’s life and legacy over a long lunch.

  • Yesterday, I was on a flight from Denver to SF. There was a man sitting next to me who was very uncomfortable because the seat in front of him was broken (and stuck in the reclined position). I offered to switch with him so that he could have an aisle seat, and not have to deal with the broken seat. I'm only 5'1", so not having a lot of room is not a big deal for my little legs. He actually didn't end up switching seats with me. But he did go from cranky to smiling. And then he fell asleep for most of the flight. :)

  • Donations to Mercy Corps, Children’s National hospital, elementary school classroom in need and the cystic fibrosis foundation.

  • An extra-long phone conversation with a friend who needed the extra love.

  • Being more intentional to make eye contact and offering smiles to people on the street.

  • Food and money to a member of the SF homeless community.

  • Some extra TLC with a family member going through a medical treatment.

  • Extra long hugs and “I love you’s” to friends and family.

  • dropping off cookies to the sweetgreen Palo Alto crew after the afternoon rush

  • sponsored classes at my local Corepower Yoga studio to hand out to 10 of Jeff’s fellow yogis, in his honor

  • In honor of Jeff I picked up donuts to give to my favorite Capitol police officers (specifically, Officer Burke who mans the back Hart door) as a "thanks for being you."

  • I sent flowers to my friend - it was her first day on a new job. Starting a new job is a big deal, and I wanted her to feel the love because I know she is really excited about it.


Kaylie Hanson Long (203) 561-3945

February 24, 2020

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