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A Nice Surprise for Me

Monday afternoon I got an unidentified phone call and, against my practice, I picked up. It wasn't a recording in Chinese, someone asked, "Barbara Sherman?" Oh, no, I'm going to have to listen to an earnest campaign worker who knows the world will end if I don't cough up a donation, or a puppy will die and I'm cringing but no-"It's Chase Bank. We have your name on the list of artists for our program-would you like to show your work?"

Why, yes, I would. I had put my name on the list a few years ago and forgot about it; several people ahead of me on the list failed to pick up the phone and so here we are.

This afternoon I hung nine drawings starting with this one, seeing as I'll be there for the month of November.

Thanksgiving Day at the Museum of Natural History

I'm afraid this show is made up of what's already framed, as they called Monday and asked me to deliver on Friday. But the theme is sort of the worlds we live in.

Mother Earth

the Animal Kingdom

The Bear: A Portrait

the Bison:A Portrait

the Pelican Arrives

Gardens in some cultures are considered to be earthly depictions of Heaven.

the Greatest City in the World, New York, New York,

So Nice they Named it Twice

The Chamber of Commerce building surrounded by the outdoor sculpture of Manhattan.

And finally a self portrait;

this is how I felt as a mother;

Totally in Charge and Totally lost in Space

I really hope you'll find the time to come by to see these pieces in person. This is a bank, not a gallery so there will not be a gala opening but you're welcome to drop in during banking hours

Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm Saturday 10 am to 3pm

This come with a reminder that you never know--that ring could be a robocall or it could be

opportunity knocking.

October 28, 2021

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