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A Reader Writes Back

Remember how last week I said I'd make the great sacrifice of getting my orange juice from the grocery store in a cardboard container? Here's what my friend, Carol Skinger said.

"Hi Barbara,

We solved the orange juice problem by stopping drinking it probably 30 years ago. We just get oranges or clementines. Don’t even bother to make juice out of them. Green peppers and red peppers have the same amount of vitamin c as orange juice. We decided OJ was just another sugary drink. But when we were in Stowe a month ago our old neighbor Lyndall Heyer invited us for Breakfast. Not only did she and Scott give us fresh squeezed OJ but they made us whole wheat sourdough waffles. They grind their own flour! On top was fresh fruits and homemade yogurt and Lew Coty’s Maple syrup!! OMG soooo good. And they set a beautiful breakfast table under a darling tree for shade and cooked the waffles outdoors as we drank coffee! Now THAT OJ was worth it."

There's no comparison between store-bought and freshly squeezed, and the thirty year abstinence probably made that OJ absolutely sublime.

Well, thanks, Carol. Okay, I accept the challenge. I made my morning shake with water and an orange and it tasted fine.

A net gain of reducing plastic, calories and sugar.

Would you like to see some new work?

collage of two etchings and one Pen&Ink , The Sea also rises Rises

The Sea Also Rises

Collage of Two Etchings and a Pen and Ink Drawing

This is made of several pieces that had languished in my files for years. I love this bird, called a Yellow Legs, but couldn't find a home for him. Then I was invited by my friend, Roni Sherman Ramos, to participate in a show at The Atlantic Gallery. Well, that was great, but they had a size limit of 24 inches, and my best work is 24"by 18". So I dove into my files and came up with a map of the world and a view of the ocean.

It's just like when I put together my beloved Pelican!

A Pelican came in the window. Collage of two drawings.

Two elements I didn't know what to do with just fell into place. I love it when that happens.

Here's my new piece in the gallery; It just happened to be hung with the work of my friend, Eileen Hoffman, so it's in very good company.

Two works of art on a gallery wall.

And here I am!

Barbara Swanson Sherman with her collage on a gallery wall.

Speaking of things falling together, Eileen and I have projects that seem to work well together. Watch here for further developments!

July 15, 2021

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