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A SPECIAL TREAT, April 22, 2021

I spotted this painting by my friend, Elaine Forrest, on Facebook and it stopped me dead in my scrolling.

an oil painting of of a box of Mallomars
a box of Nabisco Mallomars,

Proust was right; these may not be madeleines, but the memory they invoked was vivid.

My Dad, whose birthday is next Tuesday, adored Mallomars. There were a lot of things he adored and when he loved something he loved with his whole heart.

Like Mom.

a couple dancing
Bob and Ginny Swanson, dancing

One of the last times I was with both of them I overheard him say to her, "I appreciate everything you do for me and I love you very much."

And his Mom.

A family at a wedding, three generations
three generations, Dad, Larry, Moby and MomMom

She loved him back with a full heart and a clear eye.

When he bragged to her that my brother, Larry, had made the honor roll he said,

"You know, Mom, the acorn doesn't fall far from the tree."

She gave him a long look and said,

"Unless there's a big wind blowing."

But let's get back to the Mallomars and this beautiful little painting.

an oil painting of Nabisco Mallomars, Pure Chocolate
Nabisco Mallomars, Pure Chocolate

"Mallomars", Elaine Forrest, Oil on Canvas, 12” x 16”

Elaine is a wonderful artist who paints little things, like shoes and bowties, and big things, like people she loves. You can see more of her work at

When I asked her if I could write about "Mallomars" I wondered if she had made a mistake in cropping, as it looks a bit off center. Here's what she said,

If I recall, I was interested in the front and then decided to add the open side. Ha! Do you think I had to sneak a cookie while painting? That’s why it looks a little strangely cropped! Enjoy!

Well, who could resist? Certainly not Dad, who knew how to take pleasure in small things. I can see him pull one out of the box, take a deep whiff to savor its aroma, pop the whole thing in his mouth and kiss his fingertips like a French chef.

After Dad's memorial service the whole family gathered for dinner. Jessie and her cousin, Shelagh, brought several boxes of Mallomars and passed them out, one to each of us. We shared them in a very personal form of communion.

April 22, 2023

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