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A Stamp for Yogi!

Are you rushing to your Post Office? As soon as I finish writing this I'm heading out to buy the Yogi Berra forever stamp.

Look at that face. Yogi was known for great quotes, one of which is,

"I'm ugly, but nobody hits with his face." Maybe he's not a matinee idol but what was Rudolph Valentino's lifetime batting average?

We do what we can with what we have.

Like reducing single use plastic. I told Arthur we should quit buying orange juice from Costco in four packs of 2 quart sized plastic bottles.

He said, "It's such an infinitesimal amount!" I look at those bottles and think of how many eons they'll sit in the landfill--or worse, float in the ocean.

I looked for ways to re-use the bottles and their caps. I saved a lot for an art project but now all I have is a couple of jars of plastic junk on the top shelf of my home studio.

If you have a use for any of these these items, just let me know.

I could throw it all away but then I think about how many eons it'll sit in the landfill--or worse, float in the ocean.

I did have one idea--look at my fabulous soap dish liner--no more soap dish jelly for me! I have plenty more of these--if you'd like one, just let me know.

As my friend, Christine Flouton, a leader of our Earth Care Action Group at church, says,

Every Little Bit Helps

We all have to do our little bit and talk about it! I've decided that I will uncomplainingly lug cartons of OJ home from the market.

Here's another thing-EPR! Extended Product Responsibility! Manufacturers will be required to contribute to the cost of recycling! What an idea!

There's a bill in the New York State Senate titled S1185. You can look it up and then, if you're a New Yorker, email your state senator and say what a good idea this is.

Not to forget our new poster boy-or stamp boy; from my Baseball in Heaven series,

Yogi Berra and pitcher Don Larsen celebrate the only perfect game in World Series history.

July 09, 2021

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