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A Work in Progress

I started a new drawing a week or so ago and thought you might like to watch it grow.

So here it is.

Doesn't look like much, does it?

This is my inspiration or starting point. I found it in one of my little black books.

black and white engraving of a townhouse

Now I'm starting with ink. I'm calling this Red House but I don't know how much Red I'll use. I wish I were a better photographer.

One section of red filled in.

Now I've moved on to the next story and outlined the balusters.

Now I'll step back and show you the whole paper with the second story beginning.

I've been looking for a neutral colored ink; I've tried to mix my own, with Raw Umber and White but I wasn't happy. My beloved Yellow Ocher is too yellow when it's diluted. Last week I found my dream ink!

Daley Rowney flesh tint ink

It's a beautiful warm neutral but I'm afraid the name needs work--it's called Flesh. OY--whose Flesh?

Daler Rowney needs to take a look at what Crayola did a long time ago--

multicultural crayola crayons

multicultural crayola crayons

Multicultural colors or Colors of the World--a rainbow of people colors--Bravo, Crayola! No more one flesh tone for everyone--as if everyone were the same shade--now it's mahogany, burnt sienna, chestnut, apricot, and peach with white and black for shading.

Back to my house. I'm getting there--the railing for the third-floor balconies and the front doors.

Thanks for looking--now I'll get back to work. I'll let you know how it turns out.

December 03, 2020

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