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A Work in Progress,A Great Blue Heron and an Upcoming Anniversary

This is what's on my drawing table this week.

Art on a drawing table, art materials, paper pen and ink

I felt bad about saying that blurry pelican from the drawing for Sunny was my brother Rob's, so I'm doing a Great Blue Heron and using his photo as a reference, not to say I'm copying it. I'm also referring to Audubon's Great Blue as you can see here. The feathers on the underside of the raised wing are awfully hard to discern and I'm afraid they may look wonky but I will persist.

Here's more;

I'm not sure about this but I'll start on the background and maybe I'll think of something later. Or maybe I'll decide I like it. So I got out my jar of black ink and...OH, NO!

See the black dot on his neck? This is the second time in the last two drawings that I've made a major mess! this one I can't cover up with collage so I have to live with it.

Almost finished with the crosshatch background and the spot is not bothering me too much. I wish it weren't there but what can I do? Maybe I'll think of it as a beauty mark.

My friend, Noushin, told me that Persian rug weavers always deliberately add a mistake to their beautiful rugs because only God is perfect. Nice that they think they do it deliberately.

About the upcoming anniversary? In two weeks it will be five (5) years since I began this blog! I don't think I've missed a Friday morning. Maybe a couple of technical glitches when I posted Saturday morning and one Fourth of July I posted on Thursday because that was the big day.

I haven't decided how to celebrate. I looked it up and the fifth anniversary is celebrated with wood so maybe I'll do a post about trees. Maybe you have an idea?

September 07, 2023

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