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Addendum To Brown

Portrait of a Dachshund

In talking about things I love that are brown how could I have forgotten Lucy?

After Jessie and Sam left home I knew it was time for a dog. Arthur kept saying all the mean dad things like, it's too much work, you won't take care of it, on and on.

But he was planning behind my back and on my birthday this little bundle of love flew in from Council Bluffs, Oklahoma. Her kennel name was Stormy but thank Heaven we changed that. It was just like when I met Arthur--I knew at once that we were meant for each other.

I described Lucy as "the love of my life" in front of Sam, who reminded me that's a term I should reserve for my husband. Well, yes, Arthur's very nice, but he doesn't wiggle all over with joy every time he sees me.

drawing of a dachshund, Lucy

This year for my birthday Molly made Lucy's portrait. It's a great likeness, don't you think?

child's drawing of a dachshund named Lucy

January 27, 2019

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