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Another Anniversary

One year ago I posted this on Facebook'

"You may have heard me say I intended to start posting on my blog. You’re probably tired of hearing me say it--but here it is."

I started with The Pelican. Remember him?

Barbara Swanson Sherman, Pelican at the window

Well, I've kept it up! I've hit send every Thursday night, on a post to be delivered Friday morning. That is, except for July fourth, which fell on a Thursday, and August ninth, when I forgot. And now, to celebrate, I have an announcement! I have, with the help of the wonderful Izzy Nova, tech teacher extraordinaire, built a brand new site with more of my drawings, an easier way to find things, and all my past posts, right there at your fingertips. Just click here.

I want to thank you all for reading my posts, especially if you took the time to respond. It means SO much to hear from you. You are life's encouragers, and I think there's no more valuable friend than one who listens and responds, who keeps you going when you feel discouraged, one who makes you glad to get up in the morning. Like my beloved Aunt, Jan, whose birthday was yesterday. She's the closest I had to a big sister. You can see here how I looked up to her.

little girl and big girl

Her name was Janet Thomas Swanson but I, finding that a mouthful as I learned to speak, named her JoyJoy and it stuck. It fit her perfectly. She always brought Joy into the room. She was more fun, more generous, more exacting, more appreciative than anyone. She had all that in abundance, along with integrity and an awesome work ethic. Plus she always smelled great. I'd say, what's that perfume? and she'd say, "It's not perfume, it's cologne," and then not tell.

I miss her every day and think of her with love, but I'm also really mad. When I visited her in the hospital she said,

"This is what colon cancer looks like. Now you get that test [a colonoscopy] and make sure your brothers and cousins do the same."

I wish she'd told herself that, so now I say to you, Button up your overcoat. Eat an apple every day. Get to bed by three. Be careful crossing streets. Don't eat meats. Cut out sweets.

Keep away from college boys when they're on a spree. Take good care of yourself. You may not belong to me, but you certainly matter to me and I want you to stick around for a good long time.

Now go and check out my new website and let me know what you think!

September 19, 2019

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