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Another Wonderful Artist, April 15, 2022

I’ve admired Linda Stillman's art since January, 2007 when her work appeared in the first Art at First Exhibit.

Seven  different skies
Linda Stillman, Daily Sky

"Daily Paintings: (10/16/05-10/23/05)"

acrylic on panels; 9 3/4 x 19 3/4 x 3/4 inches; 2005/2006 I loved the piece and I was inspired by Linda’s daily practice. Here’s what she says about her work. "In my “Daily Skies” project, I paint, draw or photograph a small portion of the sky each day in an ongoing series, started in August 2005, and continuing indefinitely. The section of the sky is based on one pane of my studio window, so no matter where I am, I picture the same shape and angle. Each year I arrange the work in different ways using just a few days or a whole year."

Blue skies
Linda Stillman Daily practice

“Daily Paintings: 2007;” acrylic on panels; 44 x 77 x 3/8 inches; 2007

I told myself that since these sky paintings had stayed in my mind for so long they really meant something to me and I should do something about that. So I reached out to Linda and visited her website.

I really wanted something of hers but what? And do I really need to buy myself a present? But I never know what to give Arthur for either Christmas or his birthday. He likes to pick out his own clothes and books and he doesn't collect stuff--but maybe art? I asked Linda what we could do and how about an image of the sky on his birthday? Perfect.

So Linda designed and printed this for us:

the sky on eighteen days
Daily Sky, 2020

“Daily Sky 2020: Feb.15 focus;” archival ink jet print; 19 x 13 inches; 2021

Linda goes on to say,

"It is based on the grid of sky photos from my Instagram project @dailysky2020. I took a photo of the sky everyday at noon facing north and posted them on Instagram. I make prints of the grids using different days as the focal point. I did this one built around the photo of the sky on Arthur’s birthday, Feb. 15 — it's the clear blue sky in the middle of the third row from the top." My framer, Peter, who rarely cracks a smile, actually made a joke! He said, “Huh, here’s a picture of the sky and I’m asking which way is up!” Well, a little joke. Arthur LOVES his present. Here it is in our kitchen-well, our kitchen is open to the whole apartment so this is a prominent spot. At first I hung it over a scene of orange groves I bought from a street artist in Seville and a view across the Hudson River by my friend, Susan Cohen.

A Kitchen in a New York Apartment
Daily practice in the Kitchen

Arthur is a man of strict habits. He has breakfast everyday at 5 as the sun comes up, sitting in the same spot at this counter. So that he could gaze at Daily Sky 2020 he has moved from the north side, on the right of this picture, to the east side. This may not sound like a big deal unless you know Arthur. Then I had to lower it, so that he could gaze directly at it.

Now, no matter what the weather, he can start the day with a blue sky.

Breakfast in a New York Apartment
Breakfast time, Daily Practice

I don't often have success with gifts for my husband and this was a home run.

So thank you, Linda Stillman!

April 15, 2021

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