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Barbara of the Day: Babs Reingold

I'm taking this chance to let you know about one of the Barbara's I told you about in my Saint Barbara Project!

Venezuela-born American artist Babs Reingold creates sculptures, drawings and installations, focusing on the environment, poverty and beauty.

Artists Talk on Art Presents

"Elisa Pritzker & Babs Reingold"

Monday, April 11th, via Zoom at 7PM EST

Artist Babs Reingold joins Elisa Pritzker for a conversation about her work on beauty, poverty and the environment. Artist/writer Etty Yaniv in her magazine “Art Spiel” states: “In her multilayered installations, Babs Reingold brings together drawing, sculpture, found objects, and at times, video, to create potent environments alluding to the body, the environment, and the passage of time ... Reingold’s installations inhabit spaces as an alternate force of nature and take a life of their own.”

TONIGHT Monday, April 11th at 7PM Eastern, via Zoom, is a part of the 2022 Artists Talk on Art schedule. Use Link: Artists Talk on Art is now in its 48th consecutive year making it the art world's longest running and most prolific aesthetic discussion forum.

Here's some of her work.

Babs Reingold

Recent Interviews July 12, 2021 - "Babs Reingold: Palette of Materials" by Etty Yaniv, Artists & Climate Change Current and Upcoming Exhibitions 2022: "Felled Tree" Solo exhibition at Hillsborough Community College, Gallery221 @HCC Dale Mabry Campus October 10 - December 1 2021: “Floridarama” at Fairgrounds St. Pete, "The Last Sea: Diorama on permanent display Video of Installations “The Last Tree: Squared" “The Last Tree"

April 10, 2022

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