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But Where do those Presents Come From?

How could I have written about Christmas presents without mentioning this gentleman?

Child with Santa

Santa! I can't tell here how I'm feeling about sitting on a stranger's lap.

This is my granddaughter Molly on her first visit to Santa. She was not ambivalent.

Screaming baby with Santa

Two years later she hadn't changed her mind.

baby and screaming toddler  with Santa

Her brother, the boy formerly known as Teddy, now Theo, says, "Should I be worried? I'm new to all this."

A year later he got the message--this is definitely a scary guy. I could have told him that this Santa is our dear departed friend, Steven Davis, who was not at all scary but that would be giving away the secret.

screaming toddler  with Santa

But Theo grew up and figured out that even scary guys have some good points such as bringing presents so he decided that he wanted to meet Santa, no matter what his big sister said.

Molly couldn't let her little brother be braver than she was so she mustered her courage, grabbed a stuffed animal for comfort and agreed to a visit.

two children  with Santa

Molly reported that she was both scared and excited which isn't a bad way to begin something new.

A year later they were cool as you can see. This Santa is also a friend, Iberedem Ekure.

2 children  with Santa

Molly said, "OK, I like him. But there's one thing I'm not buying and that's this business of watching us every minute because that's just not possible."

Then Molly and Theo raised more doubts and asked the big question. Their mother, Jessie, told them that yes, Santa is actually your Mom and Dad and eventually you can become Santa yourself by giving presents to your own children or your friends, or your community.

So I hope this season for you has been full of gifts both given and received. Now let's say good-bye to 2022 and look for brighter days in the new year.

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Good King Wenseslaus

December 29, 2022

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