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Do You Like My Hat?

2 Children in Easter finery

One of life's greatest pleasures is holding a small child in your lap and reading a story. As thrilling as it is when they start to read for themselves, it's also sad. I don't quite remember being the small child but I do remember the way my mother always cleared her throat before she started reading.

Teddy and I had a special favorite with I am happy to recommend to you;

Go Dog Go, by P.D. Eastman; this is also a favorite of Lin Manuel Miranda and his son, so we're in good Company.

Book Jacket, Go, Dog, Go by P.D. Eastman

It's a book about dogs; big dogs and little dogs, blue dogs and yellow dogs, dogs going in and dogs going out, dogs going up and dogs going down. It has a sub plot with a lady dog and a gentleman dog, who isn't very nice at first.

That became a game for Teddy and me. I'd ask, "Do you like my hat?" and he'd reply, "I do NOT."

I'm sorry to say that Teddy tired of that game before I did.

In the end, the gentleman dog realizes that he likes both the lady dog and her hat and they drive off into the sunset together. It's a happy ending.

And that's the long way of getting to my Easter hat when I was five.

So, do you like my hat?

2 children in Easter finery

I do. I think it has a jaunty nautical flair, and I love the snazzy jeweled badge. All my life I thought it was beautiful until my mother spilled the beans when I was all grown up.

It seems my grandmother took me to buy my Easter outfit. When we came home Mom looked in horror at this hat and MomMom apologized.

"She was so sweet. I asked her to try other hats and she politely tried on every one in the store but she was firm. This was her hat. I just couldn't tell her no."

I could have gone to my grave believing that everyone loved my hat but I'm glad to hear the story, glad to know that I was polite but firm. I knew what was right for me. Maybe I had a bit of Saint Barbara in me even then.

Knowing all that, do you like my hat?

Chris Smalls, president of the brand new Amazon Union was written up in the NY Times Style section about his outlier style of dressing; he meets with guys in suits wearing a hoodie, a T-shirt and sweat pants.

Chris Smalls, President of Amazon Union

He said, "I want y''all to understand, it's not how I look. It's the work I'm putting in."

I like his hat!

dachshund with Bunny Ears, Happy Easter

Lucy joins me in wishing you a very

Happy Easter and Happy Passover!

April 14, 2022

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