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Even More Subway Art

Here's another wonderful subway station installation with CROWS, The A,C, and E at Canal Street and Sixth Avenue.

Art project of crows on a fence

Metal crow sculptures in the Subway

Canal Street used to be a regular haunt for me and many other artists because of the late lamented Perl Paints; four or five floors of art supplies staffed by artists who really knew their stuff.

I once told a friend I was headed there and she said,

"You're going to the candy store."

But, alas, Mr. Perl forgot to pay his taxes and that was that. Life will never be the same. I don't get there much anymore, and so it took me a while to discover these guys.

Metal crow sculptures in the Subway

This is one of the cooler among many cool art installations in our subway system. I was talking about it with a woman I met at Ellen Grossman's opening at The Yard, a co-working space that's probably not open now. and she told me that she once found a crow that had fallen off his perch. She didn't know who to alert and admitted she was tempted to take him home. I didn't ask her if she actually took him. They all look pretty healthy to me.

March 22, 2020

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