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I think I've finally finished the Yellow House. Now I'll put it away for a while and when I take it out again I'll see everything that still needs to be done. But for now I'd like a break.

Pen & Ink of a yellow house with blue wallpaper

That's what I did with Blue House and sure enough, it still needs work.

Pen & Ink of a blue house with yellow wallpaper

It's almost there but the golden border between the first and second floors needs to be toned down; not quite sure how I'll do that but I will. Maybe I'll make the pillars a darker tone. I could keep going for a long time. As a teacher of young children I learned that the way to get good art out of them is knowing when to take it away from them. Maybe I need to apply this rule to myself.

I said that to playwright John Guare at lunch a long time ago and later heard my words in his movie, Six Degrees of Separation. It was a moment that told me I should start writing.

This morning on the radio I heard a report on Morrocco's wonderful performance at the World Cup that has come to an end. "I'm French-Morroccan but I'm Morroccan," said one fan, trying to decide if he should celebrate or lament. His team had gotten so far and done so well, but the end had come.

"Our team is so great, they are the best. The players are good--they're great--they're the best!'s a game and they are tired, and sometimes the ball don't wanna go in."

But sometimes it does, and this week the ball went in for me. My short piece, The Lawrence Tree, was accepted by Flora Fiction Literary Magazine for their winter issue. I will definitely let you know when it comes out!

December 16, 2022

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