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For the last few weeks the Muse has generous...

Updated: Apr 1

For the last few weeks the muse has been very generous with me, sending me an idea each Monday so I can get an early start on the blog but this week's been different; I keep waiting and not much is coming. I did find this quote at the gym;

"Spring is Nature's way of saying, 'Let's Party!'" Robin Williams (Do you miss him too?)

There are plenty of signs of spring in our neighborhood, but the temperature is still wintry. 

Today is opening day...

but the Mets are rained out and the Yankees are in Houston so no joy there.

Here are some of my favorite baseball players--Dad and his brother, Dave, my brother, Alan, and Alan's son, Allie, the pitcher of his championship team. Alan, the coach, told the team, "When you win, don't go crazy celebrating; act like it's something you're used to doing." they didn't listen.

How many times have I said that inspiration comes when you're working?

Well, I am working--I'm almost done here.

Speaking of my octopus, I just finished reading Remarkably Bright Creatures by Shelby Van Pelt (is she related to Lucy Van Pelt, friend of Charlie Brown, sister of Linus?) and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I have to thank two friends, Edee and Amy, who have never met but who must be kindred souls!

You may be reading this on Good Friday. Easter is coming and so is Passover. Ramadan is just passed. Whatever your faith or belief, and however you celebrate, please take a deep breath and think of something to give thanks for.

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Mar 29

Lovely blog, as usual. Had a houseguest and I’ve shared your blog with her. You are kindred souls!


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