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Friends Write Back

I love it when you respond to my posts. Recently two good friends shared stories that I think you'll like too.

First, Carol, the youngest of the Skinger girls, who grew up with my friend, Valerie,

(post for March 3, "My Friend, Valerie") responded to my September 3 post, "Let's Sit down and read" with this story.

"Reminds me of when the 3 of us went looking at colleges. We were in Philadelphia staying right in the center of things near City Hall. It was Friday night and we went next door for dinner at McKormick & Shmicks and there was a line. They asked if we’d eat at the bar as there was immediate seating. Yes. Upstairs the bar scene was jumping and it was a free show just watching the masterful bartender fill all the orders. After a while, Adam took out an enormous paperback, I don’t recall what but some fantasy action-adventure tale. It was very very loud and our dinners took a long time to order and to arrive. John and I enjoyed watching the bartender and the general din of all the talk of workers in business clothes ending their week. Adam just stayed immersed in that book. When dinner arrived and he put it in his backpack the bartender came to talk to him. He said 'I’ve been watching you and I am so impressed. If I had lost myself in a book more often I wouldn’t be doing this job. Keep doing what you are doing.' "

Carol is an artist-here are some of her recent works.--

Carol Skinger, Artist

Carol Skinger, Artist

Carol's website is

Then my friend, Fran Bealler, wrote back to my October 3 post, "WRITE!" with this story.

"I used to be a big letter writer, too, back in the day. I had a friend ... a best friend who moved to Israel when we were 12. I was devastated. I wrote to her often even though over the years she hardly ever wrote back. Moving to a new country with a new language was not easy for her and she didn't want to burden me with her sadness. When I was a little older I visited her and later she moved back to the States. She told me that my letters were a lifeline, apologized many times for not writing, and thanked me for never giving up on her. We are best friends to this day." I love that Fran kept writing even when she didn't hear back from her friend. Here are a couple of her painting that include actual paper letters and envelopes.

Fran Beallor, painter, "The Letter"

this is titled "The Letter." A woman sits off to the side, maybe dreaming about whoever wrote the letter ... what does it say? This oil was loosely based on a favorite Degas painting.

Fran Beallor, Painter, "The Date"

"The Date"--a blind date date arranged by old fashioned letter.

You can see more at

this is what I've been hoping for with my blog--a conversation. So thank you, Carol and Fran, and to all of you who read me and write back--thank you so MUCH. I love hearing from you.

October 24, 2019

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