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Goodness Gracious!

Rest In Peace, Jerry Lee Lewis.

Here's another nice thing about the Honey Locust; when the leaves fall they make a gorgeous carpet! This morning I saw this

on my walk with Lucy to get my coffee and I didn't have my camera! They were getting ready to sweep so I rushed home and came back to take these pictures. I try to live in the moment and not worry about taking pictures but then how can I share?

Yesterday I had an appointment with the eye doctor so I got an early start, walking to the subway at 14th Street and 8th Avenue.

But when I got there I remembered that I needed the 1 train. Oh, no! But then I remembered that I could change from the A or C to the 1 at Columbus Circle. Okay, this wasn't great but not a disaster.

And who did I see when I changed trains but

Sol Lewitt! This piece is always a treat to see.

I was feeling kind of blank about this week's post; thinking I didn't have much to see but then I had an idea--some of my favorite subway art is the 81st Street station of the C train under the Museum of Natural History. Great, I'll go home on the C train and see the mosaics.

Here's what I saw.

Before and After

A sea turtle hatches and then shows me the way.

Yes, bats are a little creepy but think about what they eat-mosquitos! Thank you.

Now the big guys..

this one may be my favorite.

This guy guided me to the exit.

So I had a nice morning. Going to the eye doctor always brings back memories. I had to get glasses in the third grade--my first were plaid with little Scottie dogs at the corners. My mother and I would get dressed up and take the train into the city. I'm sure we entered through the old Penn Station and I really wish I could unlock that memory. Then, the eye doctor never gave shots so that was fine and then we'd go out to lunch. No little brothers. Of course I loved my brothers but all-girl events were rare and very special.

November 04, 2022

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