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Helping Nature do her job

So, if Spring is Nature's way of saying, "Let's Party!" what is she saying this week? An earthquake and a total eclipse! Is she showing off?

Yes, she's awesome but these days, she could use some help.

photo of a bumble Bee, white flower, green background
photo by Rob Swanson

 Think of something you love to eat and ask if a bee had anything to do with it. Apples, peaches, coffee, almonds, strawberries….CHOCOLATE. They all come from plants that need pollinators and that would be the bees.

Wouldn't you think we’d take good care of someone so important to our well-being?

We haven't.  Climate change, loss of habitat, pesticides and a nasty virus are wiping them out.

Sometimes I just want to say, "What next?" How can we not fall into despair?

Remember what Mr. Rogers said?

”When a disaster happens, look for the helpers.” I'm happy to report that the Earth care Action Group at my church is coming to the rescue. Next Saturday they will be planting the eight tree beds that surround the church with bee friendly plants to create

Pen & Ink Drawing of bumble bees and pollinators

a Pollinator Corridor, or pesticide-free paths of native plants that provide habitat and nutrients for pollinators and other small wildlife. It's like how the Pony Express had way stations to stop and rest and water the horses.

You can make one in your own yard or in a window box. If you Google Pollinator Pathway or corridor you'll see that people all over the country are building them. don't you love it when that happens?

Green House Interior with Octopus is complete for the moment. I'll put it away for a while and then maybe I'll paint the two white pillars and maybe add some sand but it's done.

Now I'm starting anew or, a new piece.

Inspired by this.

I've put her in front of the elephant House at the Bronx Zoo.

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2 comentarios

12 abr

I LOVE this giraffe photograph and I LOVE the beginning of your drawn giraffe. She has a way about her. Yes, let’s take better care of the bees…..


Me gusta

Love this... Szoke has become a beekeeper in Oregan, my sweet honey of a girl❣️🐝

Me gusta
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