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I'm Going Back to School

In the past year I've participated in several art shows, and I want to thank my friends who organized and curated them, and either invited me or accepted my submission. Beth Barry, Roni Sherman Ramos, Yvonne Lamar-Rogers--do you hear me?

There was a problem--all these show's had size limitations and I'd been working exclusively in a 24x18 inch format like this;

and some even bigger like this;

The large expanse lets me get in a lot of detail.

But I really wanted to be in those shows, so I opened my folder of rejected works and pieces that I liked but didn't know what to do with.

And I came up with this,

and these.

I was really happy and I wanted to do more pieces like that but oh, no. I'm all out of that starry sky and the billowing waves.

And that's why I've gone back to my beloved Art Students League to make raw material for my work.

Here are my new copper plates, covered with acid resistant ground, although we don't use acid any longer-the solvent we use has a new name. But I'll put the plates in a bath for a long long time, then I'll rinse them with water, clean off the ground with turpentine, then, when they're really clean I'll roll beautiful color onto them, run them through the press with paper and voila!

I can't wait!

In the meantime, Arthur and I went to the Whitney Museum, which we really should do a lot more often, as it's only three blocks from our apartment. We visited these old friends in the permanent collection;

Florine Stettheimer,

and Joseph Cornell.

From the fifth floor terrace we could see some other old friends-towers that stand out among all the glass boxes taking over the skyline. Can you name them all?


July 07, 2022

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