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June 30 Bad News and Good News

Yesterday the front page of The NY Times said, "The Earth's Axis is Shifting, and We're the Reason."

"Groundwater Pumping is Factor in Altering the Planet's Spin"

the Earth

Did you know that the Earth wobbles on its axis like "a badly thrown Frisbee?"

Yikes! And OY! How in the world have we gotten to this state and how in the world do we fix it?

I have no idea, so I'll just look for something to feel good about. Here's something;

Man planting a tree

A new tree on Washington Street! The crew was very nice when I thanked them, and one of them held my coffee cup and Russell's leash while I took this shot. Trees do a great job of removing carbon from our air, so let's thank them and take good care of them.

More good news! A perfect game pitched by a Yankee! Congratulations to Domingo German.

This is Yogi Berra and Don Larson celebrating the only perfect game pitched in a World Series Game.

David Welles pitched a perfect game on my birthday a few years ago. It's a great achievement but I'm afraid I always feel bad for the other team.

My personal good news is that I can finally say FINI to several drawings that have been lurking around my studio since January.

Pen & Ink drawing of Queen Elizabeth ! holding a pelican

Queen Elizabeth now has a face.

Pen & Ink drawing of three pagodas and two bridges, Chinese

Red Pagodas with Cranes, all done.

Pen & Ink pagodas and a bridge, red and green

This is one I found in my flatfile--I'd forgotten about it!

And, finally,

Big House

I'm happy to be done with these and ready to move on to something new.

but enough about me. Here's good news from a perfect stranger. As I was walking on Greenwich Avenue this week I saw a couple sitting on a bench outside the wonderful bakery, Mah-ze-Dahr. The man was coughing violently and I noticed a cigarillo in his hand. Should I say something?

I caught his eye and said, "You've gotta quit smoking!" He jumped up and said,

"Let me tell you something about my life. Ten years ago I was using drugs, homeless, no job, no money, no nothing. Then I met this woman," he nodded toward his companion who did not smile, "and turned my life around. Now I'm working, I've got money, I'm married--smoking's the only sin I got left."

What could I say to that? I thanked him for sharing and asked if I could take a selfie.

I still think he should quit smoking.

June 29, 2023

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