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Making a Start

Now that I've announced my Saint Barbara project I'm having technical difficulties with the questionnaire but I'll persist, nevertheless.

I made a promise to myself to begin a new stage drawing every Monday. When I had my studio at Broadway and 81st Street, that was pretty much my routine and it's high time I got back to it. Here's my first.

paper on a drawing table, work in progress

Here it is on Thursday afternoon. Some progress, but I have a lot to do if I'm going to finish by Friday.

paper on a drawing table, work in progress, further along

I have several of those stage drawings that I didn't think were successful but they're going to work very well for this project. Here's a view of my work table. That green shape is AntahKaren, an ancient symbol of healing.

Worktable in an artist's studio,

Here are some of my brother Rob's lightning shots. I'll be incorporating these.

photographs and paper on a drawing table, work in progress

I've heard and I kind of believe that it's a bad idea to talk about your ideas--you can talk or you can act and too much talk and the energy evaporates but I can't help it--I love this idea so much that I talk about it a lot and you know what? I keep getting new thoughts. Like when I told my friend, Eileen, she told me she's working on a project about Rapunzel. Saint Barbara's story is the basis of Rapunzel's story so we'll be presenting together on Artists Talk on Art, Monday December 6!

And today I learned about Andromeda, another girl with Daddy issues. I'll find a way to include her, because it's a great story with a happy end.

So, what do you think? TMI? Do you like seeing the sausage made or will you wait for the final product?

Mark your calendar for December 4, Saint Barbara's Day and December 6, my Artists Talk on Art event. Last work of the day; I may actually finish it tomorrow.

paper on a drawing table, work in progress

September 02, 2021

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