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My Exhibit at the Syosset Public Library

I"m having an exhibit of drawings at the Syosset Public Library, with a reception on Saturday, August 10, from 2-4 pm.

If you'd like to go, it's right off the Long Island Expressway. Take Exit 43, turn left at Oyster Bay Road and it's on your right. You can't miss it.

Is Syosset not on your itinerary this month? that's OK, I'll give you a tour right here.

Ten pieces, eight 18"x 24" pen and ink drawings of gardens and trees. and two 41"x 29" of house elevations.

Here they are.

 Pen & Ink, Barbara Swanson Sherman, Pink blossom trees

This is called Pink and White. I love to draw trees.

 Pen & Ink, Barbara Swanson Sherman, pagoda with Purple Mountains

I love to draw pagodas--eastern and Asian houses of worship. I start with a little building and let the garden grow around it.

 Pen & Ink, Barbara Swanson Sherman, Persian Garden, tile floor, starry night

This is one of my favorites especially the sky. I also love the tile floor--done with no thought of perspective.

 Pen & Ink, Barbara Swanson Sherman, golden arch, landscape with pagodas

The golden frame; I think it gives the work extra heft and depth. More pagodas in a fantasy landscape.

 Pen & Ink, Barbara Swanson Sherman, open doll's house

I really love houses, elevations, and floor plans. The first in this series was inspired by the illustration for a NY Times review of The Annotated Pride and Prejudice. I cut it out and kept it on my bulletin board for a few years--then drew it on the biggest paper I'd ever used. This is one in that series.

Persian Garden with red fence

The Red Fence; more patterns--my idea of fun--and a willow tree.

Persian Garden  Pen & Ink, Barbara Swanson Sherman

Sunshine. I love the sun, but I like to admire it from a shaded spot. These trees were fun to do.

now I think I shouldn't have left the vine-y think in the upper right with a white background.

 Pen & Ink, Barbara Swanson Shermanopen doll house with green and gold

Another house--this one in shades of gren and brown.

 Pen & Ink, Barbara Swanson Sherman, Persian garden with dancing Willow

The willow tree. I love willow trees--the soft rustle they make in the wind. My friends, Bill and Ellen, have the most beautiful willow in their backyard--I told them I go there, that is I think about it, when I want to have a quiet moment. Do you like the water? I know there are artists who can draw water with pen and ink but I'm not one. so I "indicate" water.

 Pen & Ink, Barbara Swanson Sherman, Pink pagoda, pink sky,

This is a pagoda with a pink sky. These gardens are the result of three trips I took in a short period of time, to Seville, Athens and Istanbul, and Budapest. In the Moorish tradition the garden is considered an earthly depiction of Heaven. So planting a garden is a holy act.

August 9, 2019

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