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One More Day of 7 Days

Spring is here in the West Village, at least the magnolias are blooming by the Aids memorial.

I think it ought to be a little warmer but the Yankees won 5-0 today in 30 degrees so I'm not complaining.

Here are more details from the 7 Days Exhibit

Which will be up until Sunday, April 23rd

I will be there this Sunday, April 2nd from 12 to 4

I'd love to see you there at

First Presbyterian Church

12 West 12th Street

Malcolm Ritter

Lori Horowitz

Colleen Deery

Irene Gilman

Elizabeth White-Pultz

I"m still at work on this Big House, and it's still going slowly but I've decided to use those delicious Tuscan colors like peach, apricot, mango, gold and orange. And Pink.

There's a lot of brown but I'll balance it with the lighter shades. I may be regretting those blue curtains and I have no idea what to do with that long hallway on the right but I'll get there.

I've made progress here--can you tell?

Queen Elizabeth is still staring at me from the easel and making me nervous--she's been known to deal harshly with those who make her mad and I don't want to wreck her face. Maybe next week I'll gather my courage.

If you're around on Sunday I hope you drop by--I'd love to see you.

March 30, 2023

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