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Signs of Spring!

Pitchers and Catchers report for Spring Training!

The daffodil bulbs I planted last fall are popping up!

I really hope they're not putting themselves in danger of freezing in a late frost but we appear to be having an early spring, which brings its own worries.

There's always something to celebrate and always something to worry about. I choose to celebrate without loosing my attachment to reality. This is a good reminder.

This week I really must take down the Christmas tree. We haven't had our Christmas party since covid struck and this year I caught it at Thanksgiving time so we had very quiet celebrations. Even so I did the full decorations and feel sad that no one got to see it. So here it is.

I kept it up for Valentines Day and Arthur's birthday but I guess this is it. It really doesn't work for Easter.

I'll have to take time out from Queen Elizabeth the First, which I showed you last week.

The next phase; I started the frame and the patterns of her dress. I love that part--I can just draw without worrying about the draftsmanship but I have to be careful--I'm running into danger here. I could get carried away doing all the pattern and background and then find that the face is no good and then I'd have wasted a lot of work.

So next I have to draw her face, which makes me anxious. Better to jump in and get it done,

Here she is.

Here's the next phase;

I've sketched in a pelican here, because the piece I'm working from is titled The Pelican Portrait. The Pelican was known as a symbol of self-sacrifice and the Queen is wearing this brooch

which doesn't look enough like a pelican for me. So I'm giving her a live one, sitting on her thumb.

I think you can see the Pelican now.

I've been working all afternoon and now I have to go make dinner so this is the last shot.

I couldn't find a design for an Elizabethan frame that I liked so I made one up.

I think I'll be finished with this by next week-maybe tomorrow! I haven't worked this fast in years and I'm already thinking of the next one. Another Pelican and Queen maybe.

Febrary 16, 2023

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