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Something Else I Love

I love chairs.

I like to draw them.

I collect little chairs.

I gave most of my collection to Molly; she sits her dolls in them and they play school.

I bought this one in Havana. It's from a painting by Wilfredo Lam.

Some chairs seem to open their arms and say, let me give you a hug.

Some remind me of people I love.

Some seem to say, "Let's have a party!"

I googled "Paintings of chairs" and got an endless list. At the top of the list was this one; I know you know this painter.

To draw a chair is also a pretty good lesson in perspective.

There's something about an empty chair that evokes a human being without actually presenting one.

Think about the Oklahoma City National Monument.

My Aunt Jan bought this little beauty for Jessie when she was just a toddler. Jessie took one look at it and sat down, delighted to find a chair she didn't have to climb onto. She could sit with dignity, like a grown-up.

Sit down and get to work, or think, or visit over a cup of tea, (or a glass of wine) take a nap, snooze, cuddle with someone you love--the chair is there for you.

I've posted these shots before; it makes me happy just to look at them, so I'm sharing them again. This time it's more about the chairs.

I'm thinking of all the friends I can't sit down and visit with, except on the phone or Zoom. Here's a message from a door on my block. My neighbors said it all.

May 14, 2020

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