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Something I didn't know I love


Zachary, the son of my friends, Lenesa and Frank, worked with earthmoving and construction equipment and when he and Lizzie got married the theme of the rehearsal dinner was Constructing a life Together-all the flowers,Sunflowers and Batchelor buttons sat in toy trucks and bulldozers. It was gorgeous. That got me thinking.

Then in the aisles of the toy store I was struck by the beauty of the cars and trucks-the detail, the colors, they were entrancing. the dolls kind of creeped me out with their glassy stares but the trucks grabbed my interest and what else could I do but draw?

A big red dump truck

Big Blue Dump Truck

I raided the toy box for more models. Each of these fills a whole 18 by 24 inch paper. The boldness and simplicity gave me a rest from my obsessive texture and detail.

big Yellow and Green Cement Mixer

I had to give Sanitation a background so he'd stand out against the white paper. This one may be my favorite--what would we do without him?

A sanitation truck against a wall of greenery

I remember my brother Alan playing for hours with his friend Andy in a mud puddle in our back yard; the trucks talked to each other.

"Back 'er up, Joe,"

"Okay, Joe,"

They were always named Joe.

Thank you, Boys, for the inspiration and the fun. I named this series Big Boy.

October 02, 2020

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