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Something to Sing About and, Was that Really a Blizzard?

Well, I've really missed the snow so I was pretty excited Tuesday morning and much as I wanted to cancel my dentist appointment I'm really happy that I got a chance to see Central Park in her winter raiment.

Central Park in the snow

Walking on the city streets gave me a chance to contemplate the beauty and holiness of work.

No, really. The people clearing the snow are saying, "Here's a clear path for you. Be safe as you go on your journey." So thank you.

woman in a pink hat and gray vet, shoveling snow under a Christo/Jean-Claude gate

Shoveling snow reminds me of the wonderful time I had as a Gates Monitor. How did I keep warm, standing outside all day? By shoveling snow! And that reminds me of my Dad, who loved to quote Abraham Lincoln, "He who chops his own wood is twice warmed thereby."

Husky man chopping logs.
Not my Dad

Dad just loved splitting logs for firewood and he loved sharing the results. On his monthly trips from Vermont to Long Island for board meetings he'd pack his Corvette full of boxes of firewood for his friends. Once on the Bridgeport to Port Jefferson Ferry a man looked into the car and said, "You do pretty well, hauling wood in this rig?"

Dad got enormous satisfaction from repetitive work like the log splitting and counting his coins and putting them into those little paper wrappers. It's like my drawing where I make millions of tiny marks that eventually make something, quietly doing the same thing over and over and seeing the results pile up. Dad's right. It's very satisfying.

Here's another view of work. Last week the anniversary of the Beatles appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show was celebrated in The NY Times Acrostic.

Here's what it says;

"Lennon-McCartney stood shoulder to shoulder as equals; their considerable talents harmonized, their personalities meshed, their drive unchecked, their goal in focus--they were a union stronger than the sum of its parts."

the clues give a hint--Michelle, Walrus, Octopus, Shea, Honey Pie, Loretta, Stereos and the give-away, " Television MC who warned his audience-"If you don't keep quiet, I'm going to send for a barber."

Sending Love on Valentines Day. Remembering my Uncle Dan, a Valentine'sBaby. My Valentine's birthday is February 15 so we celebrate a day later. but let's just because love is love is love.

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