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What were you for Hallowe'en?  Molly was an angel...

Theo eliminated the middle man--he was a Trick or Treat Bag.

Sunny was going to be a pirate--at about noon she liked the eye patch, the spy glass

and the sword;  by 5 she'd had it with the whole business, refused to put on her costume and blew off trick-or-treating.

Sam wasn't sorry; he said to me, "Who ever thought it was a good idea to fill a kid full of sugar at bedtime?"  Funny, Sam, I remember when you thought that was a great idea.

It's been a spooky week in the West Village with Hallowe'en AND a full moon.

And look who visited Abingdon Square Park! Believe me, I am not walking there alone at night--it's way too scary.

What's scary to you? What's the scariest movie you ever saw? My scariest movie is one I didn't even see.  When I was around 8 my friend Sally Hubbard's mother saw Diabolique, where this French woman murders her husband but he keeps reappearing.  Mrs. Hubbard told Sally the story and Sally told me and it scared me so badly that when I grew up and saw that it was on TV I thought, "It's late at night and I'm all alone--I think I'll pass.

Actually, Hallowe'en in the Village wasn't scary--it was fun.  D"Agostino's donated a bunch of pumpkins for folks to take home and carve then bring back for a festival of lighting the Jack o Lanterns.

The costumes were great.

Can you guess what she is?  A S'More!

Our Neighborhood really did it up--traditionally...

and Pink?  Really?

But I guess in the year of Barbie...

We all had a great Hallowe'en and tonight the temperature's going down to 39.  Sunday the clocks fall back and we get an extra hour to do whatever we like. Winter isn't here yet but it's definitely coming.

So Bundle Up!

November 2, 2023

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