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Start the School Year

In writing about Yellow, how could I have neglected to mention my granddaughter, Sunny?

Baby girl in a yellow dress

Then look who I found on Facebook; a Yellow Warbler by photographer Peter Riley, a friend of my brother Rob. So I'll start with an addendum to last week's post on Yellow.

Yellow Warbler

Last Sunday in church we celebrated that ancient ritual The Blessing of the Backpacks, to herald the new school year, always a wonderful time of beginnings and fresh starts.

And I could use a fresh start. It's been a little weird in my studio this summer; this is the view from my windows. Remember, we're on the fifth floor.

a worker outside my window

a worker outside my window

Our building's facade is undergoing a legally required resurfacing. Sometimes these guys use a jack hammer. I'm told they'll be finished soon.

I'm not sure if I can blame the intrusion and racket for my ennui. I began a new drawing with high hopes but it's going nowhere.

Work in progress, pen & ink drawing of pagodas and bridgesWork in progress, pen & ink drawing of pagodas and bridges

There's nothing wrong with it but after I started I realized that it's a rather poor imitation of one I did a while ago. This one.

Work in progress, pen & ink drawing of red pagodas and bridges

I didn't love it then but when I took it out to be photographed I felt that it had grown on me. I like the variety I gave to the trees, and I like the pallet. And the river with five bridges.

Yes, the new one might improve if I persist, and maybe if I put it away it will look better but at the moment it's just not making me happy.

I treasure my "Nevertheless she Persisted" button but it's important to also know when to quit or to move on or to take another path.

Yesterday at the gym I was greeted by this message;

white board with message from Nelson Mandela

Can you read it?

"We must use time wisely and forever realize that the time is always ripe to do right."

Nelson Mandela

I'm not comparing my woes to the ones Nelson Mandela faced, but I'll take his advice and try to use my time wisely.

So here's my new effort. It's making me happy and I hope to have big progress to show you next week..

Pen & Ink work in progress

September 23, 2022

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