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the Knicks!

I'm writing this on Monday morning, May 13. Arthur and I are leaving for Greece at 11:55 tonight so I'm writing ahead of time. You're reading this on my birthday!

We have been watching with great joy and anxiety this year's NBA playoffs; the Knicks have been fantastic but at the moment they're coming home from Indiana tied for the ___. You now know more than we do about their fate.

The day Arthur and I met was the day the Knicks returned from Los Angeles where they beat the Lakers for the NBA chamionship. I said to him, "I'm flattered that you're here instead of at the airport with all the other Knicks fans."

A few weeks after that, when I knew Arthur was The One, it was time to introduce him to my father. I called Dad and made a date at a place in mid-town. Arthur called me from there and said, "I'm here." Knowing Dad's habit of punctuality I said, "My dad's there too--go find him."

"How will I know him?"

"He looks like me and he wears glasses. I'm leaving now--I'll be there in a few minutes." When I walked in I found the two of them deep in conversation.

Mom later told me how Dad described the meeting to her.

"I'm waiting there, thinking 'ah jeez, a director in the theater, why couldn't she find someone like that guy over there; blue blazer, polo shirt, looks like an athlete...' and the athletic looking guy came over and said, "Are you Barbara's father?"

That was all a long time ago and the Knicks' last championship. We've stuck together and we've stuck with the Knicks. We hope they win but we'll love them just the same.

Speaking of love, look who Russell and I met on our morning walk!

Russell really wanted to make friends--or maybe his intentions were not so friendly--he's never met a gosling before. Do you think they named their baby Ryan?

This pround parent made it clear that we could look but not get any closer.

We have lots of Canada Geese in our neighborhood. Some people complain about what they leave behind but the staff at Hudson River Park do a great job of cleaning up after them. And they're so beautiful! They're the first birds I practiced drawing with pen and ink.

Pen & Ink drawing of a Canada Goose
One Canada Goose

I probably should make his feet bigger.

Pen & Ink drawing of 2 Canada Geese
2 Canada Geese
Pen & Ink drawing of 4 Canada Goose
4 Canada Geese

A final word: I love it when you leave comments. I'll love it even more when you leave your name!

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May 28

Though I don't always read your blogs, I always enjoy them when I do. Have a wonderful time in Greece---you have to tell me all about it!

Nice story about your dad and Arthur.

I still want a play date with Russell!

Mark Fontaine


May 28

Thank You Barbara,

For all of your blogs and art work and beautiful writing! I read every msg you send and am grateful to be on the mailing list. These photos of the geese by the Hudson River as fabulous...and so is your story about

your dad (one of my favorite people from Stony Brook for many years) meeting Arthur for the first time - absolutely wonder-full. Just one thing more - if our brother Alan is still living in Charlottesville I would like to

reach out to him jut to say hello - any contact info you can send to me would be much appreciated!

II retired from the First Presbyterian Church of Atlanta in 2013 after 23 year…


May 28

Loved your pics of the geese. Have fun in Greece. I went to an American College in Athens called Pierce College in 1968-69. My grandmother was Greek


May 28

Thanks, Barbara, for sharing YOUR world - family and geese.

Kate D.


May 27

Happy birthday, Barbara! 💖

Ellen E.

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