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the Radiant Garbage Truck

Pen & Ink drawing of a garbage truck against a leafy green wall
the Radiant Garbage Truck

This is a favorite piece from my Big Boy series. Last week, as I was writing about work, there was a good idea I wanted to add but it kept eluding me. I'd think of it while walking Russell but when I got to the desk it was gone. It finally came to me this morning and I'm glad to say I held on to it long enough to write it down so here it is. Marina Granger, the wonderful artist coach and mentor, gave it that title while editing my artist statement.

Last week's quote was about taking satisfaction from your work and this piece is about having respect for all forms of work. Where would we be without garbage trucks? I try to thank those men when I see them on the street, but without interfering with their work. There was once a sanitation engineer on our block who, seeing me picking up after Lucy would say, "Throw it in the truck! As a rule I don't take that from anybody, but you look like a nice lady."

I had a dream that I saw Roz Chast on a city street with two boxes of her books on a table. I said, "Roz Chast, OMG, do you really have to hawk your books on the street?" She said, "Oh, no, I'm taking these home to Connecticut--I'm waiting for a car to pick me up." I started to tell her that I had submitted my work to The New Yorker for a cover but she said, "Uh uh, not my department." Well, I tried.

Family at a table drawing, Grandmother, little girl, big boy
Speaking of working

Garden scene, Pagoda, pond
Pagoda on the Rocks, Work in Progress

I know I said I would start two new drawings this week to make diptychs with two older works--the House of Green, Exterior and Interior, but in tidying my flat files I came upon this piece. I had put it away a few months ago because I felt it was absolutely no good but taking it out I said, "It's not so bad--maybe I can make it work." And now I quite like it. Note to self, when things aren't going well, don't quit but give it a rest. take five. Take a deep breath. Sleep on it. Things often look better in the morning.

pen & Ink Drawing of a Pagoda on an island in a pond
Pagoda on the Rocks, Work in Progress

I'm taking another detour with this piece, House of Brown.

I did it years ago and I've been happy with it but after the Blue Jays,

I looked at it and realized that those are the colors of a female Cardinal--so why don't I add cardinals? Males and females? So I'm downloading a flock of red birds from my brother Rob's website.

And this week, Happy Birthday Sam!

A few minutes before Sam was born the nurse looked at the fetal monitor and said, "This kid's made out of steel!" Now Sam is a Dad.

Baby Girl in a pink hat
Baby Sunny

Do you see a resemblance? Sam is reveling in fatherhood, which makes me very happy.

Young man with baby girl
Sam and Sunny

Family of three, Dad, Mom and toddler
The Whole Family; Sam, Annye and Sunny

Happy Birthday, Sam.

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Love your Pagoda on the Rocks!!!

Me gusta

19 ene

I love how you are so full of ideas, Barbara!

I look forward to each blog posting you do.

Vivian (now living amid the beauty of Braintree, Vermont!)

Me gusta
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