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 I've decided to celebrate the fifth anniversary of my blog by just keeping at it. I'm working on a new drawing that's giving me trouble.  When I told Arthur that it was not coming easily he said, "Good. It's  not supposed to be easy." Hmph. 

Here it is--my New Pagoda

in progress.

I started without a clear vision and now I don't know what I'm doing.  Do I want a landscape in the background or an elaborate frame?  I thought about a meadering stream and a waterfall but I no longer have room. I'll keep plugging away, hoping it comes together.  I always worry about making it too Hallmark-y, I'll have to keep at it and try to cut the sweetness.

Meanwhile I've been busy with the new show at First Presbyterian Church, which I hope you'll come see on Sunday afternoon. Here's the invitation/Announcement;

Featuring work by

Ellen Alt, Cecilia Andre, Ryan Bauer-Walsh, Fran Beallor, Lois Bender, January Yoon Cho, Andy Feldman, Sarah Hauser, Bárbara HerMor, Eileen Hoffman, Christina Maile, Janice McDonnell, Victoria Pacimeo, Avani Patel, Kristin Reed, Regina Silvers, Darcy Spitz, Joanne Steinhardt, Barbara Swanson Sherman, Sandra Taggart, Elizabeth White-Pultz, Alice Zinnes

 I'm excited about this show. You may remember the quote from last week;

“One’s work is nothing but the long journey through life to recover, through

the detours of art, the one or two great and simple images that first gained

access to one’s heart.”

 I've been fascinated by this since I heard Robert Beverly Hale, the great anatomy teacher at the Art Students League cite it in a speech he gave at a League dinner.  It's been enlightening to read the artists' statements about what inspired them to make art.  We put those statements along with the images that inspired them in a book for you to read and I think you'll find it fascinating--moving, funny!

Look what my co-curator, Fran Beallor contributed;

A Central Park landscape by her mother, Delores Beallor that hung in their home for years. Delores also painted many self portraits.

This is Fran's "Central Park Self Portrait."

Cecilia Andre was inspired by a birthday cake her mother made for her with a blue Jello swimming pool.

to work with transparencies in "Complementary Tides."

You've got to come and see it for yourself! The show will be up through Sunday, November 19, when we'll have another reception but don't wait till then.  Come Sunday!

September 21, 2023

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