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Updated: Jun 14

The New York Times Acrostic for May 7 had this quote;

Art is memory made public. Books turn to dust, negatives decay, civilizations burn. As long as art endures a song or a view someone once thought worth keeping is saved and stays shareable. Others can say, "I feel that too."

I love that. It comes from the novel, Utopia Avenue, by David Mitchell.

That rang a bell for me because Joseph Cornell, one of the stars in my pantheon of art heroes, lived on Utopia Parkway, in the borough of Queens, New York City.

I downloaded Utopia Avenue onto my iPhone and found that there's more to the passage; it was edited to fit the acrostic form and one sentence left out was, "Time wins in the long run." TIME. Having just passed my birthday I find that time is on my mind. Is it on my side? I hope so because I still have a lot to do.

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