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Updated: Nov 3, 2023

The New York Times Acrostic for May 7 had this quote;

Art is memory made public. Books turn to dust, negatives decay, civilizations burn. As long as art endures a song or a view someone once thought worth keeping is saved and stays shareable. Others can say, "I feel that too."

I love that. It comes from the novel, Utopia Avenue, by David Mitchell.

That rang a bell for me because Joseph Cornell, one of the stars in my pantheon of art heroes, lived on Utopia Parkway, in the borough of Queens, New York City.

Barbara Swanson Sherman, Joseph Cornell, Utopia Parkway

I downloaded Utopia Avenue onto my iPhone and found that there's more to the passage; it was edited to fit the acrostic form and one sentence left out was, "Time wins in the long run." TIME. Having just passed my birthday I find that time is on my mind. Is it on my side? I hope so because I still have a lot to do.

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