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What are You Reading and Are You Worried About It?

This summer I have immersed myself in the books of William Kent Kreuger, the Cork O'Connor series, which all take place in northern Minnesota. They are full of amiable, complicated heroes, dastardly villains, wisdom from indigenous culture and beautiful scenery. I'm now on number 19, the last in the series and I don't know what I'll do with myself when I come to the end of these wonderful stories.

Am I worried? Here's a quote from Henry Maloux, a main character.

"Worry and you open the door to the worst of possibilities."

Remember the movie Bridge of Spies? Tom Hanks plays a lawyer defending a Russian spy facing a long prison term.

He says to the spy, played by Mark Rylance, “You don’t look worried.”

The spy replies, “Would it help?”

And then there's Mickey Rivers, centerfielder for the Rangers, the Angels and most of all the Yankees.

"I don't worry about things I can't control because if I can't control them, why worry?

And I don't worry about things I can control because if I can control them, why worry?"

So I won't worry. Here are two of my loved ones who don't know the meaning of the word.

a black dachshund and a Berne-Doodle puppy

Russell and our grand-dog, Finn, a mini BerneDoodle, of the family of Jessie, Lee, Molly and Theo. We spent a couple of vacation days with them this week and these guys bonded for life.

Two puppies playing, dachshund, Berne-doodle

Boy with two puppies

Girl with two puppies

Did they have as much fun playing as I had watching them?

Boy and Puppy playing

It's hard to say.

I'm still looking for something to read. My gym has a sharing library shelf--bring a book and take a book and I picked up Witch Elm by Tana French but I may have already read it. I started Rebecca Makkai's

I Have Some Questions For You but it didn't grab me. I'll have to give it another chance. Do you have any suggestions? What are you reading this summer?

I have plenty to say about Barbie, as I was once Barby myself, although I spelled it better. I'll wait to discuss it here until I see the movie. We're going tomorrow. Do you think I can persuade Arthur to wear his pink shirt?

August 03, 2023

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